Fresh ingredients
+ Recipes inspired by the region
and a dessert
+ wine
What is it? We hope that our clients enjoy a winter holiday with no worries. For this reason, we are offering our delivery service 
to your door! We will deliver to you a basket of delicious, local produce, together with a great recipe.

AIt's fun, easy and inexpensive! 
Just follow the steps :
1. Choices With care, we have prepared for you six recipes inspired by the region.

You can choose three
(one per day)

Sunday :
1. Raclette cheese with dried meats, potatoes and salad. 2. Roasted chicken with oven cooked seasonal vegetables.

3. Pizza topped with fresh figs and local ham. 4. Pasta with butternut, goats cheese and bacon.

5. Quiche with chestnuts and mushrooms. 6.Courgette and potato soup with local Abondance cheese and bread.

Every recipe is accompanied by wine and dessert. 2. The shopping ... We do the shopping! 
Enjoy a day on the mountain with no worries, whilst we do the shopping. We buy from local suppliers that use seasonal products. 3. Cooking We deliver to you a box full of products on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. 
Accompanied by the recipe of your choice. 
You cook! Easy and fun
Ordering? By e-mail: malu@chalet-tirelire.com 
or telephone: 0031 6 53 40 74 94

Until 17.00h on the day of your arrival Please give us your name, telephone number and address. Also, the number of people and the date
and duration of your stay. Prices € 7,50 per adult per day * € 5,00 per child per day *

This service is available during your stay from Saturday until Saturday. We are also happy to discuss this service 
for shorter stays. *A minimum order of 4 people for the duration 
of your stay.

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